what to wear!

Now that you have decided to have your pictures taken, it's important to think about what you are going to wear.  The clothes you wear can make your portrait amazing, or it can make your portrait....well, not so great.  Please read through the following suggestions and ideas as you are considering what to wear. 

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact my very stylish wife by clicking here.



It is important to pay attention to the colors in your clothing!  You want to make sure you coordinate with the others in your party.  This does NOT mean you should pick out "matchy" outifts.  Instead, you should choose a color you like and build a wardrobe around that color.  Here is a guide to provide you with a bit of inspiration.

2.  Personality & Environment

It is important to remember these photos represent you - your style, interests, and this time in your life.  Therefore, you do not want to look like someone you are not!   Design a wardrobe that represents you - at your very best.  Also, remember to take into consideration the environment and background.


3.  Prints

Pay special attention to the print of your clothing.  You don’t want to wear a print that is so distracting it takes focus away from your face. Bright, bold prints may leave the viewer staring at your shirt instead of your face.  Another very important thing to remember is the size of the print.  Large prints are fine - but you want to avoid very small, fine prints.  Chromatic aberration happens when taking a picture of something with a very small, repetitive pattern.  If you want to learn about chromatic aberration, click HERE, otherwise, take my advice and avoid wearing things like this…

4.  Miscellaneous tips

1.  Wear comfprtable shoes. 

2.  Bring multiple outfits, especially if you can’t decide what to wear and want my advice!

3.  Sometimes, simply changing accessories can change the entire look of an outfit.  If you have a shorter session and you don’t want to waste time changing, bring a selection of scarves, necklaces, headbands, shoes, jackets, etc.  These simple swaps can entirely change the photo.

4. Pinterest can be a great source of clothing inspiration.  Try searching something like “family portrait session outfits” or “engagement photos” for even more inspiration.



5.  Some examples.